Cart Policy and
Non Golfer Access to Course Policies

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 

Talking Rock has received our fleet of NEW Club Car Onward golf carts! They are equipped with Lithium batteries, a GPS electronics package with touchscreen yardage, Bluetooth speakers, coolers, sand bottles, etc. 
With the arrival of the new fleet comes a change in our fleet car policy. All players using club fleet cars will be billed a cart fee for usage on the golf course. This includes memberships on the annual Trail Fee. If the Trail Fee personal cart is already being used and the spouse takes a fleet car, a cart fee will be billed. If a member on the trail fee rides in another private cart, there is not a fee. If a membership decides to acquire two private carts for use on the golf course, each cart will be billed its own trail fee.

Click here to View Protocols for Non-Golfer Access to and Through Golf Course
 Golf Shop and Golf Course Holiday Hours of Operation!
Thanksgiving Day
10:00 shotgun for open play.  Club carts in by 2:00 pm

Christmas Eve
Club Carts in by 2:00 pm.  Shop closes at 2:00 pm.
Christmas Day
Golf Shop is closed.  Walking or use of private carts on course only.
New Years Eve
Normal golf operation hours.  Shop Open from 9:00-4:00

New Years Eve
10:00 Shotgun.  Club Carts in by 2:00.

Click here to view the normal Winter Hour of Operation


Congratulations to Patty Rokoskie for shooting an amazing round of 67! We are trying to determine what our member’s course records are and haven’t found any records.  If you know of any low rounds, please let us know in the golf shop.


Unfortunately, many of our practice Range Balls are showing up on the golf course.  These balls are for the practice areas only!  Please refrain from using them on the golf course.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us spread the word.


Now that the Adopt a Hole program is in effect, we are beginning to see some improvements in efforts to fill divots and fix ball marks on the greens.
For those of you participating, we have purchased more sand and seed bottles so we should now have plenty.  You can pick them up from the cart staff, at the 5th or 12th hole or between the 9th green and 10th tee.
Also, available are some Superintendent grade ball mark fixing tools.  Without bending over, you can repair 20 pitch marks in the time is would take to repair just a couple by bending down and pinching them in with the small hand tool.  We have four of these professional tools available to check out in the golf shop.
Fill free to check them for up to 2 or three days if need be.  Our course range will also be utilizing one of these during his shift.
Thank you for your continued help in taking care of our awesome golf course!

In Other News!
If you are smoking on the golf course, we kindly ask that you PLEASE properly dispose of all cigarette and cigar butts! 

We kindly ask that you return all golf towels after use. 
Please return your golf towels to attendants after use. 

Thank You!